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What We Learned at SCALE 2017

Adam Huda, Essential Capital: How to Build an Engineering Dream Team: Tactics for Hiring, Mentoring & Executing

  • Tactics for hiring and interviewing
  • Tactics for establishing a heartbeat and rhythm for execution/shipping
  • Tactics for growing new engineers into strong contributors

Amanda Richardson, Hotel Tonight: Lessons Learned About What to Do (And Not Do) With Data as You Scale

  • How to organize the company to be data-driven from founding to scale
  • The roles and team structure needed to ensure you have the right data team at the right time
  • Questions to ask to ensure you don't get caught in the data science hype

Andy Artz, Social Capital: Before You Fire Your Marketer, Read This: An Empirical Approach to CAC/LTV

Beth Scheer, Homebrew: How to Build a Pre-Series A Team

  • How a company gets from seed stage to series A from a hiring standpoint
  • Tactics on hiring a diverse, well rounded team that will be ready for series A raise
  • What are the specific functions you need in seed stage vs. series A (also looking forward to series B).

Bobby Brannigan, Mercato: 10 Essentials to Building a Marketplace

  • Get to market faster with a phased roll out of your MVP.
  • Learn how to bootstrap your marketplace to traction.
  • Tactics for overcoming the chicken-and-egg problem.
  • Feel the pulse of your marketplace without letting it eat you up.
  • How to build and cultivate your inner circle to get traction faster.

Charles Hudson, Precursor Ventures: What You Need to Be Thinking About as Soon as You Close Your Seed Round

  • How to avoid the common mistakes founders make after closing a seed round
  • Ways to use your seed round to maximize the probability of getting a Series A round
  • Communicating with  and engaging new and existing investors as your investor base grows
  • Scaling and assessing your team

Christian Smith, TrackR: Lessons Learned Scaling a Hardware Company: From Garage to 5 Million Units Shipped

  • Identify the ways Amazon, Apple, and Google built competitive moats.
  • Show a framework for identifying moats for your startup.
  • Tell the story of how TrackR used this framework to build a moat, our Works with TrackR program.
  • Share the implications of successfully building the moat with fundraising.

Clara Brenner, Urban Innovation Fund: Eliminating Dealbreakers: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in the Fundraising Process

  • Eliminating Dealbreakers is about avoiding common pitfalls of the fundraising process (especially for seed stage companies preparing for Series A).
  • Learn how to deal with setbacks and move forward through tough times.
  • Be knowledgeable about how a down round or a messy cap table could impact you, and what to do about it to be prepared. Know when to say quit.

David Skok, Matrix Partners: Get Inside Your Buyer's Head to Increase Funnel Conversion Rates

  • Session will focus on how to design and build a buyer-centric funnel that has low CAC and fast sales cycles
  • Understand why your funnel isn't working as well as it could and how to fix it
  • Understand how buyers react to your funnel, and how to use that knowledge to increase funnel conversion rates

Eitan Bencuya, DoorDash: Using PR to Scale: Common Mistakes & Successful Strategies

  • Importance of press relationships
  • How to write a good pitch email
  • What actually constitutes "news"

Jalak Jobanputra, Future\Perfect Ventures: The Many Paths of Fundraising: VCs, MicroVCs, ICO's

  • Learn how to navigate the funding soup of 2017
  • Strategies for targeting the right investors for you company as you scale
  • Tactics (& cautionary tales) for using ICO (Initial Coin Offering) as a path to hyper-growth

Jason Costa, GGV Capital: Evolving the Organization in the Age of A.I.

  • Finding signal in the data a company collects for your AI/DL strategy
  • How to create a data roadmap, not just feature roadmap
  • Integrating decision automation as you scale

Jason Lemkin, SaaStr: How to Maximize Revenue -- With What You Have Now

Jed Katz, Javelin Venture Partners: Top 15 Rules for Scaling

  • Keys to scaling a startup without blowing up in the process
  • A tactical guide to focusing your team on growth, investing in efficiency, avoiding distraction and finding the best tactics to scale.

Jenny Lefcourt, Freestyle.vc: The Keys to a Successful Series A: Learn to Love Fundraising

  • How to best present your business to seed-stage vcs to get capital
  • Hear what to include in a pitch deck, what to have ready in an appendix and what to leave out
  • Learn common mistakes founders make and how not to make them!
  • Understand how to best run your process to make it as successful and fruitful as it can be

Josh Elman, Greylock Partners: The Only Metric That Matters

  • A new way of looking at metrics to understand how users are really engaging with your product

Loic Le Meur, Leade.rs: Personal Growth for Increased Professional Performance

  • Changing your life & work through meditation, mindfulness, therapy and writing

Mar Hershenson, Pear VC: Metrics & Operating Plan for Seed & Series A

  • Product metrics that matter to raise your next round and build a long lasting company

Maren Kate Donovan, IN|DE: Lessons Learned from Zirtual Shutdown: Do as I Say, Not as I Did

  • Lessons learned from Zirtual
  • How to avoid critical mistakes in a fast-scaling company

Martijn Scheijbeler, Postmates: A/B Testing: Why You're Probably Doing it Wrong

  • You want to do A/B testing for your site, what do you need to do to make that happen?
  • You’re already experimenting, great! I’ll teach you more about the mistakes you shouldn’t make.
  • You want to scale your testing, I’ll tell you what steps to take to make sure your A/B testing program goes to the next level.

Mick Liubinskas, muru-D: More Focus, More Scale

  • Learn exactly how to focus as you scale
  • Get massively better results with fewer features for a tighter customer set - Understand the starting focus of unicorns
  • Get 3 activities you can use today

Monique Woodard, 500 Startups: Emerging U.S. Markets And How They Affect Startups in Every Vertical

  • Founders will learn about the opportunities presented by demographic growth and how to take advantage of them.

Rebecca Kaden, Maveron: When It's Time to Scale - Fundraising Best Practices for Ecommerce Companies

  • What are the most important metrics when you're raising money for an ecommerce company?
  • How to think about organic vs paid growth?
  • What does right look like via examples/a few case studies

Rob May, Talla: How To Think About Blockchains And ICOs When You Already Have An Existing Business

  • How to understand what blockchains are good for.
  • How to evaluate if your existing product has a blockchain opportunity
  • Legal status for tokens and ICOs
  • Strategic issues to think about for token sales

Ryan Carson, Treehouse: How to Make Huge Progress on Hiring Diverse Talent

  • How to create a huge strategic advantage over your competitors by creating your own talent pipeline
  • How to retain your best talent longer and spend less on recruitment and onboarding
  • How to hire and retain amazing diverse talent

Shivani Siroya, Tala: A Step by Step Guide to Raising Your Series B

  • Step by step: How to raise a series B
  • How to stay true to your mission as you grow (and find mission-aligned investors!)
  • How to balance depth and scale

Sonny Mayugba, Waitr: Think Like a CMO: Organize a Marketing Team That Gets Results

  • You’ve launched and are getting some traction. You are ready to hire a marketing team. Here, you’ll learn the building blocks to create a structure that nurtures strategy, drives results and gets you the outcomes you want.
  • It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Stacey Bishop, Scale Venture Partners: Getting to B: The Facts, Figures, and Finances to Secure Your Next Raise

  • What changes from series A to Series B to Series C
  • Key metrics that matter to investors at each stage
  • Effectively telling your story to investors
  • Common pitfalls to avoid

Susan Mason, Aligned Partners: Scaling & Revenue Strategies For Capital Efficiency

  • Learn ways to build profitable & highly successful tech companies beyond the traditional outlier VC approach of funding
  • How to use capital efficiency to deliver significant returns & at lower risk than traditional VC approach to buildout

Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint Ventures: The Challenges Facing SaaS Companies in 2017

  • Learn the unique challenges facing your SaaS startup in 2017
  • Techniques for overcoming these obstacles & achieve hyper-growth

Tucker Max, Book In A Box: How We Got 1000s of People to Apply for Our Jobs

  • Do you have problems recruiting? Can't find enough talent? The problem might be your job ads.
  • Learn how to write job ads that get thousands of applicants and top talent flocking to your company.