Ed Roman


Ed is a professional investor focusing on enterprise SaaS, marketplaces, and software infrastructure. He manages a venture capital firm named Hack VC, focused on investing in early-stage startups. He also lead the Hack VC syndicate on AngelList.

Most recently, Ed led innovation for Pluralsight, which is democratizing professional learning. Pluralsight acquired HackHands, where he was recently CEO. HackHands is a marketplace of developers that accelerates developer productivity via realtime mentoring.

Ed is a founder of hack.summit(), the largest programmer conference (and the largest virtual conference) in history with 80k+ attendees. He also founded the hack.pledge()movement, which helps developers get free mentoring.

Prior to that, he was founder & CEO of Ghostfire Games. Their game Rage of the Gladiator won critical acclaim as a top-rated Wii title. It's available on Nintendo 3DS, Android, and won a game-of-the-year award for iPhone/iPad.

Ed also created the world's largest Java community (450k members), TheServerSide (acquired by Precise Software), and wrote a best-selling book on Java, Mastering EJB.