Monday, November 14th & Tuesday, November 15th



Andy Artz, Social Capital: Why Attribution Modeling is Critical to B2B Startups and How You Can Master it in Under 60 Days

Ariel Poler: How to Turn Your Board of Directors into Your Secret Weapon

Clara Brenner, Urban Innovation Fund: Beyond Fundraising: Building Trust With Your Investors to Ensure Profitability

Cyan Banister, Founders FundScaling Company Culture: 10 Strategies for Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse as You Grow

Jason Lemkin, SaaStr: The Super, Way Early Indicators For Hyper-Growth SaaS Companies

Jed Katz, Javelin Venture Partners: A Step-by-Step Practical Guide to Getting Your Series B

Jodi Sherman Jahic, Aligned PartnersAccelerating the Adoption Curve: How to Win Early Customers Without Blowing All Your Cash

Jonathon Triest, Ludlow VenturesBeyond Sand Hill Road: Finding Great Investors Outside of Silicon Valley

John Heltzel, Los Altos AdvisorsEvery VC Thinks They're a BizDev Rock Star: How to Really Leverage Them and Their Network

Josh ElmanGreylock: How to Make Your Product Viral in 5 Easy Ways

Paul Judge, Tech Square LabsStay Scrappy: How to Extend Your Runway by Leveraging Coworking Spaces & Shared Resources   

Pejman Nozad, From an Attic Above a Yogurt Shop to Building a $20b Portfolio

Matt Ocko, Data CollectiveAppetite for Destruction: Founder & VC Sins That Destroy Companies

Sarah TavelGreylock: 10 Lessons From Scaling Pinterest & The Hierarchy of Engagement

Satya PatelHomebrew: Clinching Series A: How to Know When You Have Product-Market Fit

Shaun Abrahamson, Urban Us: How to Land Customers, Employees and Investors Through Social Impact

Stonly Baptiste, Urban Us: How to Scale Your Startup By Selling to the Government

Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint: Winning with Data: How to Create & Scale a Data-Driven Company

Founders & Growth Experts

Aaron Magness, BetabrandThink Outside the Digital Box: Promotions in the Physical Realm

Abigail Keifer, RedClay: After the Chicken-and-Egg Problem: How to Scale a Marketplace

Adam Nash, Wealthfront: Zero to 60: Lessons in Building an Org Chart from Scratch

Adelyn Zhou, Nextdoor: Top 5 Tips for Marketing Your Bot

Adir Shiffman, Catapult SportsScaling Global Wearable Tech in 57 Countries for 12,000 Elite Athletes

Alex Tew, CalmHow to Get 100,000 Users *Before* You Launch

Andrew FarahDensityHow to Hack Your Hiring Process: Recruiting Top Talent as a Startup with Limited Capital

Brian Alvey, Clipisode: Out of Office, On the Clock: Scaling with Remote Talent

Craig Zingerline, Votion: The Power of Customer Engagement

Danielle Morrill, MattermarkLet Data Lead the Way: From Seed to Series A

David Hassell, 15Five: Delivering Delight: Why Customer Satisfaction is Everything

David Sacks, Zenefits: Scaling Z2: The Next Generation of Zenefits

Edgar Blazona, BenchMade: Moneyball: How to Optimize Paid Acquisition via Segmentation & Landing Pages

Glenn Kelman, Redfin: Take the Red Pill: The Billion-Dollar Opportunities Now Emerging for Businesses that Combine Software with Real-World Operations

James Heller, Wrapify: Don't Take NO for an Answer: Creating AMP (Angel Market Pressure)

Jason Demant, Bento: Real Talk: NEVER Scale With Negative Unit Economics

James SiminoffRingWant Real Disruption, Have a Real Mission: 10 Ways to Scale by Strengthening Your Purpose

Jeremy Hitchcock, DynHow I Built Dyn from $0-$100 by Raising Money from Customers, Being Friends with My Co-Founders & Breaking a Bunch of Other Rules Along the Way

Jill Bourque, RushTix: The Power of NPS & Relentless Delightification

Kyle Hill, HomeHeroYou Make What You Measure: Why Good Metrics are Critical to Good Growth

Mei Siauw, LeadIQ: Top 10 Rules for Customer Success

Merci Victoria Grace, Slack: Bring the Beginner's Mindset to Growth

Melody McCloskey, StyleSeat: Leveraging Data to Maximize New Client Acquisition, Retention, & Monetization

Philip Krim, Casper: How Casper Revolutionized Sleep & Ushered in the Era of Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Sonny Mayugba, Requested: Launching a New Market: Hacks & Guerilla Tips to Gain Attention in a New Geography

Tom PattersonTommy JohnHow Tommy John Has Continued to Grow 2.5x Year Over Year in the $41.b Men's Underwear Industry

Tucker MaxBook in a BoxFail Your Way to Scale: How I Turned An Accident Into a Big Business